Texas Holdem; When To Play And When To Fold.

Texas holdem is not a game that you can be “a natural” at. Anyone who says anything like that is fooling themselves and will start losing money. It is a very complicated game that is only deisguised like a simple to understand and win game. You have to keep that in mind when you play. The most important thing you have to do is remember that you cant play every hand you get. It is very tempting to play every hand because it is exiting and you want to have fun but if you really want to win games you need patience. patience is key in texas holdem.

You can throw out hands that look like this: k,3 2,5 4,7 and so forth. You want to keep your strategy consistant as you play so you can learn it by heart and win games more often. Dont get any random hand and hope that the flop will be the mirical you are looking for.The main hands you will want to play with are; pocket aces, suited connectors, or two face cards.

pocket aces is the best starting hand in texas holdem. The only problem with this hand is that the chance to ge this hand is 221 to 1. That is not a very likely hand you will get. This hand, if you can get it, will win almost every time. The only thing that you have to do is worry about betting. You don’t want to raise too much becuase you can be outbid an lose because you cant play with some high rollers. Play it moderately, make a nice bet, not too much, not too little that you get nothing at all. Some people see one ace and they think they have a winning hand right there, but the truth is that they really dont have what they thought they did, and will lose all there money. A single ace is no the same as 2 aces. Every player at that point has a very high chance of also having one, 75% to be exact, which is pretty high by the way.

Suited connectors are hands with cards that are consecutive in rank and have the same suite. For example: A? 2?, Q? J?, 5? 4?. The chance of getting this hand is 24 to one so it is not as hard to get as the aces but still a little challenge. When this hand is received you generaly dont want to raise because people will start to fold and you will lose out on there bets. These hands offer a chance at straights flushes and straight flushes which are very good pot winners.

If you have 2 face cards you have an okey hand. This is not the greatest of hands but it is a hand to stay in with. Don’t take this hand and bet before the flop because that is a good way to lose your money to the people who have a pocket pair. These hands are good for a game with many people because there is a better chance that you have the best hand in the group. You want to stay away from calling any raise with this hand so don’t get too over zealous and think you have the greatest hand in the world. The hands that you are looking to create are straights and any find of flush. These will likely secure a win for you.

Remember that hand selection is very important to winning. Don’t play with every hand you get. It is normal to fold many hands in a single sitting of texas holdem. The fact that you are folding shows that you have patients for the game and you will win when the really good cards come along. You now have money to play the good hands and turn the table, especially if you have not been getting good cards. Losing money in every game and not even givining your cards a chance may make you feel funny but thats okey. Losing a little money will help you win the big pot in the long run.

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