Launches Sportsbook through Metric Gaming

IDNSport – Launches Sportsbook through Metric Gaming,

On Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 a press release from London, England announced that Metric Gaming, the progressive business to business sportsbook technology platform as well as provider of services, has fueled once again another full service sportsbook launch after the effective and prosperous introduction of Snabbis.coms sports gambling suite. Following the initial launch of its online casino gaming products and services approximately two years ago, the European based sports book maker will be prepared and accessible as well as completely localized in each of the countries in which currently functions in.

Snabbis.coms sports betting services and products were created in order to provide their customers with an enriched customer service experience through the use of Metric Gamings in play personalization engine in addition to offering an elevated back end procedure that has the overall ability to accept in excess of approximately 2,000 individual wagers per second. This is extremely exciting news for all those involved.

The comprehensive sports betting product Metric Gaming offers its clients involves a multi tenant technology platform that consists of multiple providers as well as enabling their customers to operate with the all inclusive and self governing freedom that they desire. It facilitates individualized oddsand risk management set up for all occupants by designing over than 20 custom built constraints that are configured to deliver a personalized or individually constructed original user interface. The sportsbookpermits pricing independence for every different market as well as every selection which is a dynamic benefit as brands that operate internationally reflect upon localized taxation rules and marketing campaigns.

Media Statements

We are pleased to have our Sportsbook live and are confident we have a product led platform that we are able to differentiate; allowing us to compete for market share, explained the Managing Director of, Max Falkman. He goes on to say, Our future plans align well with Metrics and we have every confidence in Metrics cloud based technology and were looking forward to a long and successful relationship.

Were thrilled our partners at Snabbis have entrusted us with their entry into the sportsbook vertical. Snabbis will benefit from a best in class sportsbook proposition that will bring a market-beating product to their players, says Jim Supple who is currently the active CEO of Metric Gaming, which just so happens to be licensed in both the United Kingdom as well as Malta.

Supple continues by stating, The Metric Gaming complete sportsbook product synchronizes perfectly with their expansion plans across multiple territories. Its localization capability will give them a significant competitive advantage over their rivals, and were excited to have the opportunity to contribute to Snabbis success.

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